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  • Up-to-date news and information
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  • Contribute: Send in tips, photography, articles

Welcome to the first issue of Jeju World Wide, Jeju’s newest source of news and information in English for a local and global audience.

Jeju has a population of about 600,000 islanders and a much smaller (but growing) expat community. Annually over a million overseas visitors come to the island. During the year Jeju has hundreds of events, markets, festivals, attractions, and more on tap. Much of this, however, isn’t publicized widely, especially in English.

We want to bring Jeju’s vibrant community, events and culture to life for expats and overseas readers. Jeju World Wide is designed to be a reliable, up-to-date source of news and information that is built around online social tools and technologies that many of us already use.

Embedded maps and spreadsheets, which accompany our professionally edited news and feature stories, will become part of an ever-growing, comprehensive database that can be updated across the entire site in a matter of seconds. Meticulous tagging and categorization links all of the site’s content together to aid readers in their exploration of Jeju-related topics and interests.

And since Jeju is such a beautiful place to explore, it goes without saying that everything will be accessible on any mobile device.

Combine all these tools with a good old-fashioned sense of community service, and we might just build something special… together! We want to feature your writing, photography, or even just tips you may have about a new cafe, restaurant, or exhibition. If you see something that interests you on our events calendar, feel free to let us know you’d like to review it.

Please help us build our social media presence by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and let your friends know Jeju World Wide needs their support.

We at Jeju World Wide wish you all the best in 2013!

Notes from readers

As a fan and follower of Jeju, I am very excited about your launch. Jeju is a wondrous place and I am happy you will be sharing it with the world.

As a writer, I am even more excited – every person has a story and those on Jeju probably have more than one. I wish you the opportunities and the writers to draw those stories out and craft them well.

I, and I assume, many others, will follow your new venture closely and feel proud as it evolves and grows, and teaches us along the way.

Well done, do well,

-Tracie B.

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