tamna ipchun poster
Jeju people traditionally celebrated the beginning of spring with shamanistic exorcism rites (called “gut” in Korean). The term Ipchun refers to the onset of spring. The ceremony dates back to the Tamna era, an ancient kingdom on Jeju Island, and falls on Feb. 4 (of the solar calendar) this year.

Date/time: Feb. 2 to 4
Location: Jeju Mokgwana (The former location of the provincial government), 43-3 Samdo 2-dong, Jeju City
Feb. 2. Opens with various rites at 5 p.m.
Feb. 3. Musical performances, kite flying, calligraphy performance, and others.
Feb. 4. Street parade, Ipchun Gut, Ipchun Tal Gut Nori (traditional mask performance), and others. Ends at 6 p.m.

Other activities offered in which people can participate include: the making of miniature wooden cows,  Ipchun Tal (Korean mask) making, as well as Ipchun noodle tasting.