125734_140825_5253The following is a translated summary of a report from the local press. It has been edited for clarity, including the addition of links and information needed for readers unfamiliar with Jeju. — Ed.

The Korean book “The sad song of Darangshi Oreum” (2003, ISBN 8984882216, 192 pgs) by author Park Jae Hyeong and illustrated by Kim Sang Nam, has been translated into English and published by high school students from Jeju Foreign Language High School. The story is about the infamous April 3rd, 1948, Jeju Massacre which claimed many thousands of lives and still remains a divisive topic on the island. Kim Jung-hun, 17, a representative of the students’ translation society, said they hoped to raise awareness of the tragic event among a wider world audience. — Jeju Sori

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