The following is a translated summary of a report from the local press. It has been edited for clarity, including the addition of links and information needed for readers unfamiliar with Jeju. — Ed.

Two 6,000 ton vessels — the Sewol and the Ohamana — will begin new ferry routes between Jeju and Incheon every day excluding Sundays, according to the Cheonghaejin shipping company. Starting on Feb. 21, the Ohamana will sail every Monday, Wednesday and Friday while the Sewol will operate every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. It was reported the Sewol alone can carry 921 people, 150 cars, and 152 20-foot-long containers in a single voyage. Vessels sailing from Incheon depart at 6:30 p.m. and arrive on Jeju at 8 a.m.— Jeju Sori

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