Jeju-based performing art group Garam will perform the play “My Forest Was Green” to honor the sacrifice of revered independence leader Lee Do Jong . March 1, 1919 was the start of the Samil Movement (public resistance to the annexation and occupation of Korea by Japan). Jeju-born Lee (1891~1948) was a leading figure in the independence movement on Jeju during the Japanese colonial era. After being tortured by Japanese police for his activism he became a Christian minister and began missionary work on the island. Lee was murdered in 1948 during the infamous April 3rd Massacre, after Korea had gained its independence from Japan some three years earlier. It is documented that even at the moment of his death he prayed for the Jeju people.

Date/time: March 1. 7 p.m.
Location: Jeju Culture and Arts Center, 69 Donggwang-ro, Jeju City.
Tickets: adults: 10,000 won, students and children: 5,000 won
Inquiries: 064-722-0794