The following is a translated summary of a report from the local press. It has been edited for clarity, including the addition of links and information needed for readers unfamiliar with Jeju. — Ed.

The ferry Tamnara arrived in Seogwipo yesterday marking the latest expansion of ferry service to and from Jeju Island. The 3,403-ton Tamnara is able to accommodate 777 people (148 first class seats and 629 regular seats) and carry 150 cars, according to earlier information provided by Hyangil Shipping, owners of the Tamnara. With an estimated speed of 70 kilometers per hour, the ship is able to travel between Nokdong Port and Seogwipo Port in around 2 hours, 30 minutes.

The fare is 45,000 won for regular seats, 49,500 won for first-class seats. Jeju Islanders and Goheung residents are eligible for a 20-percent discount. For more information (in Korean) click here. — Headline Jeju

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