The following is a translated summary of a report from the local press. It has been edited for clarity, including the addition of links and information needed for readers unfamiliar with Jeju. — Ed.

Jeju Special Self-Governing Province has installed an integrated CCTV security control center at the Jeju World Cup Stadium building in Seogwipo City at a cost of 4.38 billion won (US$4 million). The system —  which will act as the nerve center for the island’s 2,500 camera network — allows year round centralized monitoring in real time for 24 hours a day and was unveiled on March 6.

The goal of the centralized security system is to assist police and other agencies to identify trouble earlier. This includes the monitoring of areas where children walk to and from school, road conditions and traffic accidents. As such, the system is expected to play a key role in crime prevention.

This is the first time Jeju has had such an integrated security control center installed at the metropolitan city and province levels. The new centralized system will employ 123 controllers (120 monitoring agents and 3 police officers) who will be divided into three groups working in 12-hour shifts.

Nationwide there are about 110 such centralized systems in place or soon to be brought online. — Jeju Gov’t News

Photo courtesy Jeju Special Self-Governing Province

CCTV Center opening ceremony, March 6 in Seogwipo City. Photo courtesy Jeju Special Self-Governing Province