The Jeju National University Storytelling Research Center, in cooperation with Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and Jeju MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation), is to present the musical ‘Gwanghae Goes to the Shining Sea,’ which is based on the life of a king from the Joseon Kingdom (1392 to 1910). Gwanghae is the only king of the dynasty who was banished to Jeju Island, the common place of exile for those out of favor with the imperial court. The producers hope to use the musical to shed light on the ancient king’s life as well as inform people about Jeju’s history and identity it as a place of exile.

Date/time: March 22. 7:30 p.m.
Location:  Jeju Culture and Arts Center, 69 Donggwang-ro, Jeju City.
Free admission, reservations unnecessary. First-come first-served
Inquiries: Jeju National University Storytelling Research Center, 064-754-2484

Photo_Event calendar on 0318_Gwanghae

Members of the cast and crew of ‘Gwanghae Goes to the Shining Sea’ pose for reporters after a press conference earlier this month. Photo courtesy Jeju MBC