The Jeju International Evergreen Concert is a chance to enjoy works by Jeju writers set to music. The concert is organised by a non-profit organization of Jeju writers (also called “Jeju International Evergreen Concert”), headed by Jin Gun Heum, that has set the members’ poems to music and held concerts performing these works since 1999. Twelve new songs, including Byun Jong Tae’s “Sarameul Chatseumnida” Kim Sun Nam’s “Doraoji Anneun Oechul” and Kim Gwan-Hoo’s “Seocheonggotbate Gyesimnikka,” will be performed by professional musicians at the 11th concert this year. Star performers include soprano Yoon Ena, tenor Ha Man Taek, baritone Song Gi Chang, pianist Jeong Hye Kyoung and violinist Kim Hyun Kyung.

The recently released 3rd collection of the association’s works will be on sale at the concert hall. Some of the profits earned from the sales will be donated to disadvantaged children on Jeju.

Time/date: April 6. 6 p.m.

Location: Jeju Arts Center. 231 Onam-ro, Jeju City. 064-753-2209

Tickets: Free admission. No need to reserve tickets.

Inquiries: 064-758-2757, 010-3698-8789, 010-3694-3772

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