The Jeju National Museum is to present “Bibap,” the third event in its current cultural program. Bibap is a non-verbal comedy performance about a competition between two talented chefs. The show will include, at various stages, dance, a capella, B-boying (a type of breakdance) and includes the use of a beatbox. The show ranked number one at the internationally renowned arts festival The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2005.

Plot: At a restaurant named Bibap, two chefs compete with each other. They make great dishes as the orders for sushi, pizza, and chinese chicken noodles arrive. However the pair are running neck and neck until the final order — the famous Korean food bibimbap — and it is this dish that will decide who is the better chef.

Date/time: April 13. 3 p.m., 6 p.m.

Location: Jeju National Museum. 17 Iljudong-ro, Jeju City.

Inquiries:  064-720-8000, 064-720-8027

Reservations (280 seats only): Tickets are available from the Web site Number of tickets limited to four per person. Reservation fee per ticket is 1,000 won.

Ticket price: free


-There will be around 100 standing room only tickets available from the venue at around one hour prior to the performance.

– Children under the age of 36 months will not be admitted.