Halla Library is to hold a special exhibition of selected Korean printed works, an event co-hosted with the Cheongju Early Printing Museum. Among those works (note: these are copies of the originals, due to security concerns) to be displayed is the famous Jikji Simche Yojeol, considered the world’s oldest existing book printed with metal movable type. The book was printed at Heungdeok Temple in Cheongju in Northern Chungcheong Province during the Goryeo dynasty in 1377. It is a collection of quotations from Buddhist monks, transcribed by master Baekwoon Kyeonghan for the purpose of educating students. Originally a two-volume work, only the second has survived and is preserved at the National Library of France. It was designated as part of UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register in 2001.

Some of the other prints include;

  • Mugu jeonggwang dae darani gyeong. Created during the Silla Dynasty and designated Korean National Treasure No. 126, this is the world’s oldest woodblock-printed book.
  • Palman Daejanggyeong (Tripitaka Koreana, Korean National Treasure No. 32), a collection of Buddhist scriptures printed with over 80,000 woodblocks. Printed during the Goryeo Dynasty.
  • Hunminjeongeum (Korean National Treasure No. 70, also designated as UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register in 1997), the original document printed when Sejong the Great proclaimed the 28 letters of Korean language in 1446 during the Joseon Dynasty.

Ancient printing techniques will be demonstrated at the exhibition.

Period: Until May 28

Location: Halla Library, 221 Onam-ro, Jeju City.

Inquiries: 064-710-8632

Photo courtesy Jeju Special Self-Governing Province

Photo courtesy Jeju Special Self-Governing Province






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