The Jeju Horse Park will host the “2013 Gasi Village Jeju Horse Park Festival” from May 3 to May 5. It is the first such festival organized by the council of Gasi Village.

Main events include:

  • “Tewoorikosa”. A ceremony reenacting tewoori (shepherds’ ancestral rites).
  • Rocking horse exhibition.
  • Installation art exhibits.
  • Special exhibitions including stories based around the rapeseed flower.
  • A performance by Gasi villagers.

Hands-on programs such as folk games, carriage riding, riding ponies and face painting will also be available for visitors as well as a short walkathon, drawing contests for children, a workshop as well as parties held in the village. Markets held at the festival include the Moltewoori Market and Gasi Village’s living and arts market.

Kim Young-il, head of the Gasi Village, said he will take advantage of Gasi Village’s superb natural landscape to create a festival that will combine nature and tradition.

Photo by Lee Sang Heon

Photo by Lee Sang Heon