This weekend sees a jazz legend and his group perform in the Jeju National Museum’s auditorium as part of the “Saturday Walk in the Museum” entertainment.

Jazz saxophonist Lee Jeong Sik is the first Korean musician to have played at the famous “Blue Note Jazz Club” in New York. This performance comprises himself, his daughter, jazz pianist Lee Bal Cha, and daegeum (large bamboo flute) player Lee Seong Jun.

Lee combines famous standards such as “Over the Rainbow” from the film Wizard of Oz, with Korean works including “Night Mist” by Hyun Mi and “Seoul, Seoul, Seoul” by Cho Young Pil. His group also has a stirring rendition of the traditional Korean song “Arirang” featuring saxophone, piano and daegeum.

Date/Time: May 25, 6 p.m.

Location: Jeju National Museum auditorium.

Admission: Free

Tickets: Internet reservations open May 21. (Link: Yes24)

Note: Only children over the age of 7 will be admitted.


Lee Jung Sik

Lee Jeong Sik

Lee Seong Jun

Lee Seong Jun