a better shot (sized)

“A Better Shot” by Simon J Powell.
Stroll along the seafront in Tapdong at this time of year and most evenings you will be treated to the soothing sight of the setting sun wrapping the embers of another balmy day in a honey golden blanket; patient photographers, lilting palms and languid lovers silhouetted against smudged pastel hues.

Simon J Powell is a photographer, musician, language teacher and bicycle adventurer from London, England. Having arrived in Jeju in spring 2013 he was quickly enamoured with the generosity and warmth of the local people and enchanted by the island’s abundant natural treasures. Simon is inspired to capture and share his vision of Jeju’s picturesque beauty and unique, timeless charm. For details on more of his work, you can contact him at: [email protected]. Click here for his Facebook page.


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