This article first appeared on and is republished here with permission. It was translated and edited by Jeju World Wide. — Ed.

Published: Jan. 27

Jeju Stone Park will join a new national “Culture Day” on Jan. 29, offering free admission to the Stone Gallery and 500 Generals Gallery, courses throughout the site. This nationwide program starts tomorrow and will happen on the last Wednesday of every month.

At the moment, the 500 Generals Gallery is exhibiting the fabric art genre, called tapestry and applique, of French artists Nicole & Thieri Foulc and Claire Rado. This is the first time these artists have had exhibitions In Korea.

An official of Jeju Stone Park said, “We will open free of charge on the last Wednesday of every month, so more residents and visitors have the opportunity to see Jeju volcanic stones and Jeju stone culture.”

In a related story, “Culture Day” was established by the Presidential Committee for Cultural Enrichment and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, in order to promote an era of cultural prosperity.

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