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In a recent survey, visitors to Jeju selected the “Top 7 Specialties” of Jeju to be mandarins, bracken, hairtail, tilefish, damselfish, pork, and horse meat.

Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and the Jeju Tourism Organization announced on Feb. 11, that they carried out a survey targeting visitors to Jeju who come from Seoul, Busan, Gwangju and other major Korean cities.

Experts selected a first set of candidate items for the survey and then 600 Jeju residents selected the final 28 specialties for inclusion. A total of 9,483 people were asked to answer a questionnaire from December last year to the middle of last month.

A government official told reporters, “Based on this survey, we will focus on the development of new fusion of complex contents for Jeju tourism, in order to aid in income creation for residents, and help vitalize the regional economy.”

A number of survey participants will be randomly selected for prizes, like domestic Jeju round-trip air tickets, hotel vouchers, and more.

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