Title: “Happy Jeju with books”

Organization: Jeju Public Library Association

Date: April 12 at Halla Library, 899-3 Orai-dong, Jeju City

Details: Performances (Shadow play, Puppet show), lecture (by novelist Jeong I-hyeon), reading program (poetry reading concert), exhibitions, experience programs and more


Note: There are special events by individual libraries schedules in the square at Halla Library

Halla Library: “Bookjeok Bookjeok [bustle], Let’s play with books”

Woodang Library: “Woodang Library, move forward the future after 30 years”

Tamna Library: “A scene of multicultural books”

Seogwipo Library management office: “Jeju, reading books, pleasant book talking”

Jeju Library: “Rewarding books and Exhibition of books recommended for young readers”

Hansupul Library: “Poetry meets painting”

Jenam Library: “Jeju in that place, go into the woods”

Jeju braille Library: “Enjoy with the blind”

Jeju small Library association: “Books with dream, Book art”

△ 북(Book)적 북(Book)적, 책이랑 놀자(한라도서관)

△ 30년을 넘어 미래로 도약하는 우당도서관(우당도서관)

△다문화 책이 있는 풍경(탐라도서관)

△책 읽는 제주, 즐거운 책 수다(서귀포시도서관운영사무소)

△ ‘읽을 만한 책’과 ‘청소년 권장 도서 전시’(제주도서관)

△시(詩)와 그림이 만나다(한수풀도서관)

△제주 그곳, 숲속을 가다(제남도서관)

△시각 장애인과 함께 누려요(제주점자도서관)

△꿈을 담은 그림책, 북 아트(제주작은도서관협회)

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