The Seolmundae Women’s Cultural Center is hosting 16 works by four artists at an invitational exhibition of women’s group 애기엄마 (Babies’ Moms). Four women artists are participating in this exhibition. They all have something in common in that they stopped working to have a child.

The theme of the exhibition is “Child and Mom, and the Arts.” They wanted to express the joy of child raising and the social stresses and exhaustion when they, as artists, cannot work while they set up house and begin child rearing.


Title: Painter Mom

Date: Through May 30

Location: Seolmundae Women’s Cultural Center, 12 (Yeon-dong) 8-gil, Seondeok-ro, Jeju City

Artist: (Western painting) Kim Suhyeon, Kim Woojeong, (Korean painting) Kim Eunmi, Park Eunhyeong

Inquiries: 064-710-4246

painter moms