Interactive Art is a compound from the words inter (mutual) and active (activities), as digital media technology advances, digital art combined digital media technology and art.

Interactive Art is using digital media to communicate with visitors and attract voluntary participation such as touching the works, moving one’s body, making sounds, and more. The appreciation of art is not just with the eyes but with the actual experience, to create living works.

At Choi Seung Joon’s <Firefly Forest>, the visitors movement turns into plants and firefly, light and sounds. And at Oh Chang Geun and Chang Yoonje’s <Jumping Island>, when visitors stamp their foot or jump, characters on the screen (Haenyeo, Dolharubang, ligs and ponies) fly or dance.

You can understand what digital art is and can participate in the process of the art works directly with <Ready, Action!>.


Date: Through August 31

Location: Citizen’s Gallery, Jeju Museum of Art. 2894-78 1100-ro, Jeju City

Artists: Choi Seung Joon / Oh Chang Geun / Chang Yoonje

Admission: 1,000 won

Inquiries: 064-710-4300

Notes: Open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Closed Mondays and Jan. 1.

ready action art exhibit