Date: Sept. 20, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Location: Jeju Foreign Language Center, 305-8 Samdo 1-dong, Jeju City

Title: Games and Communicative Activities: Not Just Entertainment

Speaker: Tory Thorkelson

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Having heard many teachers belittling the value of games in the language classroom, this presentation aims to encourage the planned and meaningful usage of games and communicative activities as an integral part of a lesson or unit or simply as a reward for good behavior on the part of students. Beginning with definitions of games and activities, I will compare the strengths and weaknesses of both. Next, I will look at students’ behavior, the uses of games and communicative activities, samples of both types and conclude with some suggestions for the proper usage of these activities in the classroom.


Speaker: Tory Thorkelson

Tory Thorkelson (BA, B.Ed., M.Ed. in TESL/TEFL) has been an active KOTESOL member since 1998 and has presented at or worked on many local and international conferences. He is as an Associate Professor for Hanyang University’s English Language and Literature Program. He has co-authored research studies (see ALAK Journal, December 2001& June, 2003 as well as Education International September 2004 V1-2) and a University level textbook, “World Class English”, with a team of fellow KOTESOL members. Currently, he is a Doctoral student in the Doctorate of Professional Studies program at Middlesex University in the UK.