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Of the three easier courses on Halla mountain, Eoseungsaengak (어승생악) Trail stands out in a number of ways. It starts at the Visitor Center at Eorimok and continues to Eoseungsaengak’s summit at 1,169m. The well-maintained trail is just 1.3 km long and it takes about 30 minutes one-way. Most families would have no trouble climbing it, though please note it is not stroller or wheelchair accessible.

The best part of this trail is that not only is it easy, but the view of Halla Mountain and Eorimok Valley is breathtaking. On a clear day you can see Chuja Island, Biyang Island, Seongsan Ilchulbong and the island’s eastern oreum.

A second easy walk is the Seokgulam (석굴암) Trail. This starts at the entrance to Cheonwang Temple (천왕사) on the 1139 Road. The 1.5-km trail takes hikers through Aheunahhopgol (아흔아홉골) Valley. It’s just 50 minutes one-way to Seokgulam hermitage, which is near an impressively steep rock face.

This stroll takes you through dense pine and deciduous forests and though parts of the course are narrow, and there are large boulders to navigate, overall it’s a pleasant walk.

Last of the easy walks is the Dullegil ring path.

The word Dullegil is a combination of two Korean nouns, dulle, which means edge or circumference, and gil, which means road.

This is a project which began in 2010 to establish an 80-kilometer-long walking road around the mountain, and it is modeled on a number of similar roads already established around mountains on the mainland, including Jiri Mountain, east of Gwangju.

At present there are just two courses, both on the south of Mt. Halla. The first runs from Beopjeong Temple (법정사) to Si Oreum. This is a 5.5 km stretch which takes four to five hours round-trip to complete. A second route, from Georinsaseum (거린사슴) to Dol Oreum, is 5.6 km and takes about the same amount of time as course 1.

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