Here’s your chance to get three more stamps in your passport. Not the international variety, though, but the Jeju Olle kind.

The Jeju Olle Walking Festival is on through Saturday on Jeju Olle courses 17, 18, and 19. These run from west to east through Jeju City, along the north coast. The daily departure time is 9:30 a.m. at the day’s starting point.

It celebrates the human-scale of Jeju’s beauty and encourages people to come and walk a selection of Jeju’s 26 Olle trails.

This year’s theme is “Let’s be together on the trail!” Organizers encourage participants to come with their friends and family members.

Among other events during the festival are special games for the kids and a huge number of musical performances, ranging from jazz, choral music, rock, and traditional Korean music.

Lunches using local ingredients are being prepared by volunteers on all three days.

Please keep in mind that each route takes approximately six to seven hours to walk, so remember to bring appropriate footwear, clothing, and sunscreen.

On-site registration is possible for any of the three days of the event, but please note that there is a flat fee of 25,000 won. Click here for the festival’s Web site and detailed information on the routes and scheduled cultural events.

Jeju Olle, which was built mainly by volunteers, is designed to bring visitors and locals together, and immerse hikers in the quiet natural surroundings of the island. These walking paths inspire people to slow down and “heal” their tired minds and bodies.

This a reworked article, written by the author, which first appeared on KCTV English News. — Ed.

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