Meet Our Team

Park You Kyung

Park You Kyung is the publisher and CEO of Jeju World Wide Ltd.

Lee Hye Kyung

Sijo poet Lee Hye Kyung is Jeju World Wide’s executive editor. She is Secretary for the Korean Center for the Traditional Poetry Writers’ Association of the World (세계전통시인협회), as well as editor of the children’s poetry magazine “Uri Dongsijo (우리동시조).”

Ko Eunkoung

Ko Eunkoung is a professional photographer and designer based in Seoul.

Todd Thacker

Todd Thacker is the managing editor of Jeju World Wide. He is a contributing reporter for KCTV Jeju English News, and has worked for The Korea Herald, OhmyNews International, The Jeju Weekly and

Kim Jung Lim

Kim Jung Lim is a writer and translator for Jeju World Wide.

Song Yoon Jung

Song Yoon Jung translates headline news for Jeju World Wide.

Rich Bowden

Rich Bowden is Jeju World Wide’s copy editor. He is an Australia-based writer and editor specialising in the green business sector. For more information on his work see here.

Lee Sang Heon

Lee Sang Heon is an engineer based in Suwon. Click here for more of his photography.

Larry Wynn

Larry Wynn lives with his wife in Jeju. He has been an English teacher, snorkel and kayak guide for Jeju Kayaks and makes wind chimes for Jeju sea glass wind chimes.
Larry’s Facebook page.

Alissa Dolan

Alissa Dolan is an English teacher from the US. She and her husband are walking and reviewing Jeju’s Olle trails.

David Nemeth

David Nemeth is Professor of Geography and Planning at the University of Toledo, where he specializes in cultural geography.